DD Graybeal Ranch – We Produce Bulls That Work

High quality grass and hay ration Irish Black Cattle

DD Graybeal is a third-generation ranch in Western Montana that has been producing commercial beef cattle since the 1930’s, starting with a few Herefords and transitioning to a mostly  all-black cow herd of Angus-cross bloodlines.

In 2008 we read about the breed of cattle called Irish Black developed by Maurice Boney in Colorado, line-bred to maximize positive traits such as fertility, ease of calving, meat quality and consistency.  Liking what we saw and heard, we investigated further and became convinced that this breed is going to be very important to the future of the beef business.  So, we jumped in.

We started out by buying an Irish Black bull and a few embryos from Maurice Boney for use with our commercial cows, buying a few more embryos each year. As of now, all of the calves on our ranch (about 200 head), are either one-half, three-quarters, or full-blood Irish Black, and they are all top notch.

At present, we now have 25 purebred yearling bulls that have been fed strictly a grass and hay ration. This group of yearlings is doing very well. We are keeping all of the half-blood heifers for our commercial herd and the full-blood heifers for our registered herd.

The Irish Black breed is becoming the industry leader for consistently producing the highest quality of beef at the lowest cost to the producers. In addition these animals have proven to be easy to handle with a good disposition.
The “lowest cost to producers”  means  high fertility, calving ease, moderate frame size, udder quality, feed conversion, and high carcass cut-out value.