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The breed that meets the consumer's demand for quality beef...

If you are a beef producer and are worried about the direction the commercial beef industry is headed, you need to take a look at what DD Graybeal  Irish Black Cattle have to offer.   The Irish Black breed is engineered to meet the needs of today’s producer.

Unlike other breeds that have concentrated on expanding their genetic makeup, the Irish Black breed is built on concentrating the levels of homozygous genes. This has enabled the breed to pass on desirable genetic traits to their offspring at a much greater rate than other breeds.  An Irish Black bull will pass on all of his top quality traits to his offspring.  This allows the commercial producer to improve the quality and consistency of his calf crop. 

  • Modern medium framed cattle. Average cow weight 1050-1300 lbs. Bulls range from 1650- 1950 lbs.
  • Tolerance to heat, cold & drought, and the ability to work the range for forage.
  • Light Birth-weight calves (Avg. 75 -85 lbs.), that are hardy and self-sufficient and thrive.
  • Large pelvis contributes to calving ease, little or no human intervention needed.
  • Excellent maternal instincts, with high milk production and small teats.
  • High fertility and early maturity. Average of 50 -60 cows per Irish Black bull. Females reach  puberty early, often cycling several times before their first breeding.
  • Large scrotal circumference and penis does not hang down or drag.
  • Quiet, easy to handle. No hot heads.

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