The Irish Black Breed Information

The breed that meets the consumer's demand for quality beef...

The breed registered and promoted by the Irish Black Cattle Association shall be Irish Blacks and Irish Reds.

Reasons to select Irish Blacks and Irish Reds Cattle:

  • Early maturity
  • High fertility
  • Large scrotal measurements
  • Large pelvic measurements
  • Short gestation periods
  • Light birth weights
  • Excellent carcass quality
      •  High marbling
      •  Low back fat
      •  Tender, succulent, flavorful meat
  • Good milk production
  • Small teats

Some of the most important regulations of the IBCA are:

  • All animals submitted for registry must verify by DNA testing to be the offspring of a registered and DNA typed mating
  • All animals shall be subjected to meet stringent fertility and reproduction requirements.

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